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Besides the Duoplan transport conveyors, Frontmatec offers a range of conveyor types for various applications, such as:

  • Slide rails for evacuation
  • Empty gambrels/hooks transport
  • Belt conveyors for guts

A range of conveyor types

The Frontmatec slide rail conveyor is a manually operated system in which operators push or pulls the carcasses hanging in a slide or roller hooks on the greased slide rail pipe. In the clean line, the slide rails are mainly used for re-inspection or discarded animals.

The Frontmatec automatic lightweight conveyor system is designed for transport of empty shackles, gambrels and hooks. The system consists of the following main parts: 

  • Drive station

  • Inlet end

  • Chain

  • Slide rail

  • Accessories (pushers, switch tracks etc.)

At the dressing line in the clean area, an alternative to the Duoplan gut pan conveyor is a special gut belt conveyor, synchronised with the main transport conveyor.

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